Image courtesy of O'Bagel
August is National Sandwich Month, and New Jersey bagel shop O’Bagel is celebrating with its tire-sized bagel sandwich creations.

Recently introduced to a national audience on ABC’s Good Morning America, the incredible breakfast sandwiches known as JUMBO'Bagels feed 15-30 people and are packed with great flavor. They are a reimagining of sub sandwiches in bagel form, and that has made them a social media sensation.

“Essentially the reason why we started the Jumbo Bagel was because we wanted to do something innovative, something different than what all Italian delis were doing in Hoboken,” says chef/owner Stephen El Hassan.

The bagels are topped with over 30 scramble eggs, cheeses, deli meats, hash browns, vegetables, and sauces. O’Bagel looks to make a play on the breakfast catering crowd with these offerings, and the strategy looks like it’s working so far.

O’Bagel has four locations in New Jersey, with its latest being opened in Hoboken. It is considered by to be the best bagel in the state.