Image courtesy of Starbucks
For one week only, from February 7 to 14, Starbucks will make its Valentine’s Day menu available to customers. Among those new items are bakery treats and beverages sure to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Most noteworthy of these additions is the new Cherry Mocha. The sweet beverage features espresso, mocha sauce, candied cherry syrup, steamed milk, and is topped with whipped cream and Valentine's Day sprinkles.

The beverage is available in both hot and iced versions. Another beverage that was recently introduced was a Molten Chocolate Iced Latte in ready-to-drink bottles, sold at Starbucks locations and at grocery stores.

Two new treats have been added to the bakery case at Starbucks. Confetti Hearts Cake Pops have chocolate cake on the inside, milk chocolate icing on the outside, and are sprinkled with tiny hearts. There is also a sugar cookie topped with white or pink icing and colorful sprinkles.