The Moab Times-Independent reports that Red Rock Bakery in Moab is the first fully solar bakery/café in Utah.

In June, owner Howard Trenholme installed 76 rooftop solar panels, which have the capacity to produce 25 kilowatts of power at his bakery and the office building where the business is located. The installation was done as part of Rocky Mountain Power’s that any energy the solar panels generate will offset the bakery’s energy use.

After that, any additional electricity generated will go towards the other tenants in the building. According to Trenholme, the solar panels will generate roughly 80 percent of the building’s energy needs.

Trenholme seems to be very happy with his decision to install the panels. “It’s amazing how much [energy] it’s cranking out. Very pleasing,” he says.

According to Trenholme, the panels (which have a 25 year lifespan) will pay for themselves after seven years, not considering tax incentives.