Image courtesy of Zombee Donuts
Marie Theodore and Vanessa Guillen, a mother and daughter from Fullerton, California, have a shared love of zombies and the hit television show The Walking Dead. They were able to successfully transition that interest into a profession when they opened Zombee Donuts in 2014.

The zombie-themed specialty and vegan donut shop stands out from other shops by embracing horror culture.  From the sing hanging outside the shop that reads, “Walkers welcome”, to the rows of donuts with spooky designs, Zombee Donuts has created a unique atmosphere.

Some of the shop’s signature items include “The Eyeball”, which is a red velvet/vanilla velvet cake donut dipped in white icing with a chocolate ganache donut hole in the center, and “The Monster”, a raised round donut with homemade whipped cream filling and Monster energy drink-infused icing, complete with a Zombie face. 

Zombee Donuts makes sure to remain family-friendly despite its theme. The donuts never get too gory, in order to appeal to as many customers as possible.

While the donuts are fun in design, they don’t compromise on taste. “It’s about flavors that you remember growing up with,” Marie tells The Orange County Register. “When you were a kid growing up with good memories – that’s what we want to cater to.”

To see some of these horror donuts up close, check out this slideshow.