Dunkaroos, Pop Rocks, Cosmic Brownies: These were more than just snacks to young people growing up in the decade of the 1990s – they were a way of life. Much like fashion, pop culture, and so much more from the era, the nostalgia craze has hit full force when it comes to snacking.

Retailers are looking for any way to take advantage of ‘90s nostalgia, which is put into practice no better than by PV Donuts in Rhode Island. The Providence-based donut shop has reimagined classic snacks from that time period with modern twists.

During the month of March, PV Donuts has been offering a ‘90s-themed menu full of mouthwatering millennial favorites. 

From the aforementioned Dunkaroos and Cosmic Brownies, to breakfast creations such as Rice Krispies Treat Cereal and Wildberry Pop Tart, PV Donuts’ lineup has something for everyone.

These donuts will transport consumers to another place in time, and in colorful fashion. The best part is, they won’t have to beg their parents to buy them this time around.