Image courtesy of ScottCakes
ScottCakes in Provincetown, Massachusetts is going the opposite of the trend in bakeries. With so many retailers looking to make customization a big part of the process, the cupcake shop only serves one item: Golden vanilla cupcakes topped with pink buttercream frosting.

Owner Scott Cunningham wants to prove that exceptional taste tops all else. He realizes that providing limited options is almost a novelty in itself. “It’s so retro that it’s futuristic or something,” he says.

Cunningham compares the experience at his shop to going to visiting your grandmother. “When you went to Grandma’s, Grandma made what she made and you were psyched. It’s a big part of it, and the people who come back have such a strong loyalty to [this comfort].”

Scott Cunningham began selling cupcakes at the age of 40, when he licensed a pushcart and sold them six nights a week on busy streets. After earning a reputation as “The Pink Cupcake Guy,” he opened his own storefront and the business has grown from there.