Image courtesy of Sugar Shack Donuts
On Tuesday, July 17, Sugar Shack Donuts announced on social media that its popular Golden Snitch donuts would be returning for another year.

The bakery, with locations in Virginia and Washington, D.C., created the special treat in 2017 for Harry Potter fans celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of the first book in the acclaimed series. The returning favorite will be available on Tuesday, July 31. 

These extraordinary-looking donuts are based on the famous butterbeer beverage from the Harry Potter universe. The taste of the donut is a hybrid of crème soda and butterscotch, and it is covered in a white glaze and gold stars. The donut is then topped with a golden snitch in the middle, which is a donut hole dunked in a golden glaze and finished with vanilla fondant wings.

Sugar Shack Donuts is recommending that customers pre-order the donuts, as they will be in high demand on July 31 and the shop will only have a limited quantity.