As Passover and Easter both approach in the coming days (and weeks), retail bakeries will look to provide customers with seasonal desserts that satisfy their seasonal tastes.

Three Brothers Bakery in Houston is doing just that. The popular bakery will offer both Passover and Easter-style desserts for the intersecting holidays. Passover will be celebrated from April 10 to April 18, and Easter will be observed on April 15.

For Passover, the bakery will offer kosher treats such as Passover Cakes, Matzah, Almond Cookies, Coconut Macaroons, and more. The Matzah is crispy, crunchy, and sprinkled with sesame seeds and available in a 14-inch round size. 

“Our Matzah is unique because it’s made by hand, and most Matzah these days is made by a machine. We take the time to make the dough by hand, as we do with all of our products,” says Bobby Jucker, bakery co-owner. “My father, Sigmund, one of the original three brothers, first made Matzah with his brothers in the repatriation camps in Germany. He taught me how to make Matzah and we've continued that tradition at the bakery." 

The Passover Cakes include the best-selling Apple Matzah Cakes, made with cinnamon apples and powdered sugar, as well as Concord Sponge Cake, a flourless chocolate sponge cake layered with delicious chocolate meringue and topped with crunchy pieces of slow baked meringue cookies. Other offerings include a Marble Sponge Cake and Plain Sponge Cake. These cakes are available in 9-inch rounds or 6-by-6 square sizes.

For Easter, the bakery plans to offer festive petit fours, cupcakes, and cookies decorated with Easter eggs, bunnies, bunny bottoms, bright spring flowers, and colors.