Image courtesy of Three Brothers Bakery
Houston’s Three Brothers Bakery is well-known for its special-edition king cakes, and this time of year is no different. The bakery has added Christmas and Hanukkah King Cakes to its menu for the holidays.

The Christmas King Cake is topped with bright red, green, and white sanding sugar, as well as small Christmas tree ornaments and festive bows. The Hanukkah King Cake is topped with blue and white sanding sugar, as well as dreidel and menorah decorations. 

Three Brothers Bakery’s king cakes are made in a Louisiana style, typically filled with cream cheese or fruits and topped with sanding sugar.

Also new to the bakery’s menu this year are gingerbread cake balls. They are made with traditional gingerbread spice cake, dipped in a white chocolate and topped with gingerbread sprinkles.

“Our Gingerbread men are beloved by many, year round, so we wanted to come up with a different way to enjoy our classic staple,” says bakery co-owner Bobby Jucker. “Our Gingerbread Cake Balls make the perfect gift or party tray for any upcoming holiday celebrations.”

Three Brothers Bakery’s holiday menu also includes:

  • Pumpecapple Piecake – Three layers each have a cake with pie baked into it; a pumpkin pie baked into a pumpkin spice cake, then a pecan pie (or chocolate pecan pie) baked into a chocolate cake, and an apple pie baked into a spice cake. It’s all then topped with cream cheese icing, a caramel drizzle, and pecan pieces.
  • Sufganyiot – This traditional Hanukkah treat is a donut filled with fudge, custard, blueberry filling, strawberry filling, lemon filling, raspberry filling, or pumpkin filling.
  • Other Christmas and Hanukkah cookies and treats will be available.