AIB International (formerly American Institute of Baking) has updated its Nutrified Labels database to ensure all of the values generated by the program align with the Food and Drug Administration’s new label regulations.


The database, which was designed for food companies in the United States and Canada, ensures regulatory compliance with print-ready nutrition facts graphics, and the software system helps AIB’s labeling experts to quickly calculate and verify the nutrition information for clients’ products while compiling a compliant ingredient listing for placing into a label.


“With Nutrified Labels, our clients can be completely confident that the information they receive from AIB is regulatory compliant,” says Elaine Meloan, manager of AIB’s Food Labeling Services. “Our team of experienced labeling professionals has been trained on the new requirements and are able to critically analyze the database information supplied by ingredient manufacturers to ensure that the final label information is correct. We walk clients through the process, from the initial submission of information to the final placement of the graphic on the package label.”


To help the food industry understand the changes to the FDA’s Nutrition Facts Panel requirements, AIB International will hold its first Facebook LIVE event on Friday, March 3, at 11 a.m. (CST). As part of the event, representatives of AIB will answer questions related to the changing regulations.


The first deadline for the new nutrition label compliance is July 26, 2018.