AIB International, in conjunction with its Certified Bread Specialist career path, has introduced an online baking collection to fill industry needs.
The Baking Specialist Online Collection offers a variety of online courses geared toward enhancing knowledge of ingredient functions and baking steps.
The current collection of courses includes several bread-based courses in manufacturing, quality, ingredients and troubleshooting, as well as specialized courses for variety bread, buns and tortillas.
John Khoury, global category director for bakery and technical services at AIB International, says the online baking collection allows industry professionals to curate their own education based on their own needs and the needs of their employer.
“The Baking Specialist Online Collection is one of the best offerings at AIB,” Mr. Khoury says. “I have personally taken each of these, and they are well designed and loaded with technical information crafted for up and coming bakers.”
By accessing the collection, AIB International says students are able to gain valuable tools in artisan-level bread training, specialty grain ingredients, and the characteristics and production techniques behind tortillas and hamburger buns.
Students are able to select a single course or develop their own program. For more information on the collection, click here.