(Photo courtesy of Kriddik)

CEO of Great NH Restaurants Tom Boucher was frustrated with antiquated pencil and paper process of getting feedback from customers, so he began to develop the idea of a mobile private feedback app.

The kriddik app was born not too long after that. Following a year of development, Boucher began testing it at several of his New Hampshire restaurants. In August, the kriddik app became available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.

Kriddik works by ensuring that private messages are delivered directly to restaurant management. What separates this app from online review sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor is that these comments are not made public, instead modeled after the aforementioned pencil and paper system of feedback.

"We know that many people really enjoy providing their good and bad feedback directly to the business owner, knowing that their input will truly make a valuable difference to help the business improve. As a restaurant owner, I know how important getting real input is.  We not only learn about things we need to improve, but we also hear about great service and have the opportunity to reward our staff when things go well," says Boucher.

Once a kriddik-using customer posts feedback about their experience, photos of their meal, or pictures of their check noting all relevant information (time of day, number of guests, server, and order), managers can get an up-close view on the customer's experience. All parts of their visit are explored with easy, quick click-through questions as well as a spot to provide longer messages. Managers get the opportunity to address any problems immediately or discover what is working well.

It also incentivizes customers to provide feedback. Kriddiks (as users are called) receive reward points for their valuable input which they can then redeem for chances to win prizes, like gift cards.

The app will also provide businesses with a premium, $10/month option which will give them a starter marketing package to inform their customers of the new way of providing feedback.