Diners in the San Francisco Bay Area will now be able to use their smartphones to pay their bill at restaurants throughout the region, as Zapper launches their mobile payments app and marketing service at local establishments.

"We are excited to launch the San Francisco Bay Area as a market for Zapper, because of the local foodie culture of the consumers and the eagerness of restaurateurs in the area to leverage the Zapper solution," said Josh Miller, general manager of Zapper US. "Zapper is on a mission to use the value of transactional data and more secure payments to reduce transaction costs and improve data-driven mobile marketing for merchants. Further, diners are delighted to more quickly pay their restaurant bills. We're really excited to begin partnering with the local restaurant community."  

Through the free Zapper app, diners scan a QR code on their bill and pay in mere seconds, with the option to split the bill and leave a tip as well. Via the app, users can also locate other nearby restaurants utilizing Zapper and receive promotions and discounts from their favorite restaurants.

Through Zapper's CRM and marketing service, restaurants will have the ability to:

Offer an EMV-compliant payment option to diners

Increase table turnover and improve waitstaff efficiencies

Learn diner preferences, allowing for more targeted in-app promotions

Create a stronger customer following through Zapper's voucher campaigns

Zapper was launched in the United States in early 2015 and is in restaurants across the country, including Austin, NYC, and Miami. The Zapper app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms.