The Seattle Food Truck App (SFTA) is changing the way foodies eat. This unique app is built for the food truck eater and the owner. Features allow patrons to find a truck based on what they're craving, see all of the trucks nearby, their operating hours plus pre-order and pay for food.

Benefits for food truck owners: 

Connect directly with customer via increased visibility. 

With the click of a button, let foodies know where and when the food truck is serving.

Accept orders, process payments and set time limits, electronically. 

Inform customers about current schedule and/or changes in real-time.

Advertise menu items, what's new, specials and more. 

Increase customer engagement and convenience. 

Attract new foodies in the area. 

Stand out from the rest and create the best user experience for customers. 

There are two obstacles for food trucks. People want options. Food trucks that remain in the same location for two days in a row lose 10% in profit compared to those that find new locations. A truck's inherent mobility tackles the need for variety, but mobility ONLY WORKS if trucks remain visible and work to engage with their followers/clients.

SFTA overcomes problems, makes money, improves marketing, and enhances user experience.  

Food truck owners set up their own profile so they can set/change, operating hours, cuisine, real-time location, offer daily specials and new items and add pictures. The power is in the vendor's hands.

After set up of the food truck in the SFTA, location and information is broadcasted real-time. Foodies see a list of food trucks, beginning with the ones closest to their desired location. Customers have options to browse for trucks in different views, by favorite cuisine, times they want to eat, utilize an in-app search and track their favorite trucks.