The International Union of Bakers and Confectioners (UIBC) Congress meeting 2015, which was celebrated from Sept. 11-14 within the framework of the iba Exhibition 2015 in Munich, Germany, had a record participation of delegates from over 25 countries.

Since the mandate of the current UIBC President Peter Becker (Germany) was finalized, it was also the moment for the UIBC to hold president and presidium elections.

The new elected UIBC President is Antonio Arias from Mexico. He is directly supported by Deputy President Gerhard Schenk (Germany) and Secretary-General José María Fernandez del Vallado (Spain), as well as Vice-Presidents Antero Pereira (Brazil), Christian Vabret (France), Boldizsár Ilonka (Hungary), Günther Koerffer (Sweden), Stefan Romang (Switzerland), Ellen Yin (Taiwan), Treasurer Andreu Llargues (Spain) and Assistant Veronika Fresen.

The UIBC Congress 2016 is expected to take place in Brazil in spring 2016.