The Retail Bakers of America is now officially in the hands of bakery owner Marlene Goetzeler from Sacramento, California.  This West Coast business women is ready for the challenge and is excited about continuing the success of the RBA.

"We have put together an incredible team at the RBA that is ready and able to do what we need to do to reach our goals," say Goetzeler,  "I would like the RBA to be known as the go-to for information sharing and education. I'd like to see the RBA grow to its potential where it would be crazy not to be a member because you'd be missing out on all the organization has to offer."

In 1987 Walter and Marlene Goetzeler moved to Sacramento to buy Freeport Bakery. Over the past twenty five years, the Goetzelers and their dedicated staff grew the bakery into an award-winning neighborhood bakery, and Sacramento institution.

Six years ago Marlene joined the RBA Board of Directors.  During that time there were many highs and lows for the organization, and many difficult decisions were made.  As Marlene's two-year term as President begins, the RBA is on a successful upswing with new programs, strong partnerships, and a new vision for the industry.

"I'd like to continue our goals of education, networking, and certification. I'd also like technology to play a bigger part in the RBAs future and our member's future. Facebook, our newly designed website, Instagram, and Twitter have all been such a amazing resource for our bakery and I'd like to see our members utilize this technology to its fullest, too."

For more information on the Retail Bakers of America, please contact the RBA at (800) 638-0924.