Culinary herbs have been the key ingredient to local recipes in so many civilizations. They naturally enhance food and have become an essential in the kitchen. A mozzarella and tomato salad wouldn't taste the same without basil, and how about fish cooked without a dill sauce?

Darégal’s frozen culinary herbs are more flavorful. Each herb is grown in open fields, harvested at optimal maturity and quickly frozen to preserve the color, flavor, texture and aroma. Once picked, a herb loses 75% of its original taste within 24 hours.

Darégal’s frozen culinary herbs are more convenient, available all year round and consistently deliver great taste and quality. Darégal’s frozen culinary herbs are a great value with no waste. Darégal’s culinary herbs are washed, chopped and ready-to-use, saving you time in the kitchen.

Our frozen culinary herbs come in a handy shaker box and can be sprinkled straight from the freezer to any dish.

• Unique packaging preserves the delicate taste of our culinary herbs.

• Easy to hold shaker box

• Compact and easy to store in the freezer

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