Award-winning Canadian chef, Chloë St-Cyr, launched a new platform today that will connect food-loving customers with private chefs for haute cuisine feasts at home. St-Cyr announced the launch of following her recent victory in the Middle East's most prestigious culinary contest in Dubai. Her new initiative, dubbed "miummium," is a web-based platform that aims to provide an alternative to restaurants.

"We want to democratize the culinary art, make it accessible to all, help professional chefs increase their income and reduce their financial dependence on restaurants," St-Cyr explained. "We also want to provide a space where talented amateur chefs can promote their skills to the world. The time has come to take the chef out of the kitchen and into the customer's home." 

The chef, who currently lives in Dubai, is mastering her art with some of the best chefs of the region. According to St-Cyr, consumers want to feast at home more than ever. In the comfort of their house, people can drink and enjoy themselves without having to drive back home after dinner. This is one of the multiple advantages of hiring a private chef, says St-Cyr.