An Umami-Essence sea salt ingredient has been shown to reduce sodium while adding a distinctive umami flavor to such applications as sauces and pizza toppings, according to Atlit-based Salt of the Earth Ltd. In some applications, sodium levels may be reduced by up to 50%, according to the company.

Umami-Essence sea salt, a proprietary blend of sea salt and a vegetable extract, may be incorporated into sauces, pizza toppings, salad dressings, Bolognese-style meat sauces and lasagna. It is soluble, vegan and kosher. Umami-Essence sea salt has no monosodium glutamate (MSG).

“This innovative ingredient can help food manufacturers keep the consumer-craved salty flavor while maintaining a low amount of sodium in the final application,” said Aliza Ravizki, R.&D. manager for Salt of the Earth. “It’s a ready-to-use liquid formulation that can naturally intensify umami, the so-called fifth taste of the finished dish.”

Salt of the Earth produces and markets sodium reduction systems made from salt harvested from the Red Sea.