Wixon, Inc. has introduced Mag-nifique Sour-Lift, a flavor modifier that enhances the perception of sourness without adding acid. It may be used at levels ranging from 0.6% to 1% in products containing acid to intensify sour flavors, such as confectionery items, chewing gum, beverages and baked foods.

“Emerging research has shown that consumers seek to intensify sour flavor experiences, or view sourness as a cue that there is no or less sugar in the product,” said Leda Strand, vice-president of research and development for St. Francis-based Wixon. “Already popular in Greek yogurt, pickling and products with vinegar, sour will continue to be a top flavor trend. Sour-Lift can give foods and beverages that enhanced sourness without adding unpleasant acid or compromising on taste.”

Wixon already offers Mag-nifique ingredients that assist in such areas as reducing sugar, masking off-notes and neutralizing vitamin bitterness.