Corbion Caravan has introduced Function Plus 250W, which is designed specifically to replace up to 30% of egg whites in angel food cakes.

“Function Plus 250W allows Corbion Caravan customers to sharply reduce the amount of egg whites used in chemically leavened angel food cake formulas while maintaining the taste and consistency that defines a slice of delicious angel food cake,” said Kathy Sargent, manager, sweet baked foods.

Function Plus 250W joins Corbion Caravan’s Function Plus product line. Angel food cakes prepared with the ingredient maintain their volume, structure, resilience and structure, Ms. Sargent said.

“Function Plus 250W is easy to handle and scale and doesn’t require reconstitution,” Ms. Sargent said. “Customers can use it to replace either powdered or liquid egg whites, and no special equipment is required. It’s a drop-in replacement that helps our customers cope with today’s high prices.”