TIC Gums has introduced Ticaloid Lite Powder, a guar gum extender for use in the baking industry. While the ingredient contains a limited amount of guar gum, it delivers the functional benefits of guar through the use of other gums, according to White Marsh-based TIC Gums.

Ticaloid Lite Powder, a blend of hydrocolloids, has been shown to work in cakes, bread and similar baked foods to improve texture and mouthfeel, increase volume and retain moisture. It imparts a moderate stable viscosity to liquid systems. Use levels are 0.15% to 0.30% of flour weight.

Increased demand for guar gum from the oil and gas industry over the past two years has led to a rise in price for the ingredient. TIC Gums also offers Ticaloid GR 5420, a blend of gums that completely replaces guar gum in baked foods such as cakes, bread, bagels and muffins.