Master-Bilt is proud to showcase a new line of vertical and horizontal open air merchandisers at The NAFEM Show, Feb. 19-21, at the Anaheim Convention Center, and in Master-Bilt booth #1608. These competitively priced models offer easy access contemporary styling, increased capacity and quiet operation.

With a total of 16 models available, the HOAM and VOAM series offers the variety to meet practically any sales space requirement. All models offer significant energy savings over legacy models and already meet 2017 Department of Energy standards. VOAM vertical models offer greater pack-out thanks to multiple tiers of 18² deep, two-position cantilever shelving. HOAM horizontal models feature an adjustable shelf and a full length 10'' wide metal top for additional non-refrigerated merchandising space.

The contemporary-styled HOAM and VOAM models feature sloping glass sides that effectively showcase products and are designed to hold a constant temperature, even in demanding environments. The product line offers the largest standard feature set including LED canopy lighting for optimum efficiency and product display, an electronic controller that allows the user to monitor defrost functions from a front panel interface, and an electric condensate removal system that only operates when needed. Durable stainless steel corrosion-resistant floor pans are also standard. 

An expansion valve permits the option of a remote refrigeration system that can be housed away from the unit, resulting in the removal of additional heat and noise from retail environments.

Both styles are share a common footprint and are constructed of textured finishes on the interior and exterior. Additionally, the electronic controller system provides audible and visible alarms and offers increased temperature control reliability.