French Pastry School chefs Sunny Lee and Nicole Bujewski competed in the International Cake Exploration Societé (ICES) Certification Program. They traveled with their assistants, Mary and Michelle, in two cargo vans filled with more than 500 pounds of equipment and supplies for over 7 hours to Omaha, Nebraska.

The chefs raced against the clock to complete the 8-hour exam in which they each created 3 sugar showpieces. The award showcases the chef's mastery in all 12 skill categories. The skills cover, and are based heavily on, detailed piping, gum paste flowers, flawless cake covering in both buttercream & fondant, multiple types of royal icing work, blown sugar, stringwork, pastillage, artistic impression, work process, cleanliness, and more. 

Lee and Bujewski were awarded certification as Certified Master Sugar Artists, the organization's highest possible title. Since the inception of the certification program, ICES has awarded only 29 certified master sugar artist and 10 certified sugar artist honors worldwide.

This acknowledgement is very exciting for the French Pastry School team and for our students as we continue to learn and grow.