Ghirardelli Chocolate Company’s Foodservice Division announces the launch of a new product — Ghirardelli Majestic Premium Cocoa Powder. The new nib-alkalized cocoa will be available starting October 1 in 6/2-pound stay-fresh re-sealable cans and 25-pound bulk cases.

Majestic is a brand new powder with 20-22% cocoa butter content. It brings exceptional taste, aroma, and hue to baked goods, beverages and confection due to its velvety dark color and bold, but balanced chocolate flavor.

Cocoa Beans are de-shelled and broken into precious cocoa nibs. These nibs undergo a special alkalization and roasting process to unveil the complex aromas, divine flavors and prismatic colors trapped within the cocoa bean. Once ground, the nibs are pressed and pulverized to create the luxurious nib-alkalized Majestic cocoa.

“The nib-alkalization process coupled with the high cocoa butter content creates a rich, intense color and chocolate flavor. This makes Ghirardelli Majestic Premium Cocoa Powder ideal for decadent desserts and beverages,” said Chris Eklem, vice president of Ghirardelli’s Foodservice Division.

Majestic is an important addition to Ghirardelli’s premium cocoa powder collection, which also includes Sunrise, a nib-alkalized, reddish brown cocoa powder with 15-17% cocoa butter; Superior, a nib-alkalized, medium brown cocoa powder with 10-12% cocoa butter; and Merritas, an all-natural, light brown cocoa powder with 10-12% cocoa butter.