With growing consumer demand for clean label and fewer additives, deZaan has again led the way in the cocoa ingredient category with the launch of TRUEDARK powder. Created using unique technology developed by deZaan, TRUEDARK is the first dark natural (non-alkalized) cocoa powder that mimics the enhanced color and flavor intensities of alkalized cocoa powders.

While traditional natural cocoa powder’s light brown color and mild cocoa flavor make it less suitable for many recipes, TRUEDARK powder provides strong cocoa taste and a rich brown color. These characteristics allow food manufacturers to meet clean label trends by presenting familiar and identifiable ingredients with the ability to label in the United States TRUEDARK as cocoa, rather than cocoa processed with alkali.

Additionally, TRUEDARK allows new products to be created without compromising taste, color, performance or quality by delivering rich cocoa taste and bold brown color naturally.

“As a result of deZaan’s innovative history and century of expertise, TRUEDARK brings unequaled added value to the market,” said Rinus Heemskerk, ADM Cocoa/deZaan Global Innovation Director. “TRUEDARK allows food manufacturers to simplify labels and improve the physical characteristics of products containing natural cocoa powder. It also performs exceptionally well in ice cream, confectionery, bakery, cookie and chocolate flavored dessert applications.”

For more information on TRUEDARK powder and to explore how deZaan experts support and inspire new product development with technical knowledge, please stop by our booth No 119 during IFT Chicago (July 12-14) or contact admcocoa-advantage@adm.com.