CasaLuker, a Colombian family business with over 100 years of experience in the chocolate market, will soon begin to sell premium cocoa beans in 5kg presentations. These will be aimed at small-scale chocolate bar producers seeking to use a cocoa with unique characteristics for a differential product.

Bean to bar is a new trend in the chocolate world where small chocolate producers buy cocoa beans to select and process according to their preferences and recipes. The bars they pack and sell can be marked as origin chocolate as they are all made using cocoa from specific regions.

For several years, CasaLuker has been working together with farmers’ associations in each of cocoa growing regions in Colombia and Peru. Since 1962, Granja Luker, one of the few cocoa research centers in the world, has trained over 30.000 cocoa farmers teaching them competitive and profitable ways to cultivate cocoa.

In addition, aware of the need and importance of creating long term ties with each cocoa grower association, the company—as well as lending technical support—signs trade agreements with them to ensure the sale of their total cocoa production. The company also pays a bonus for cocoa that fulfils the high standards of the bean to bar market. CasaLukers’ experience and commercial infrastructure constitute the vehicle through which cocoa farmers in Colombia and Peru can offer their Cacao Fino de Aroma to demanding international marker clients. CasaLuker plays a crucial role in this commercialization chain as it takes on the logistical challenges and the financial and commercial risks that would probably bring about obstacles, inconveniences and even losses for the associations.

Why is this cocoa different and special?

Each cocoa-producing region has different soil and climate characteristics. Such diversity produces the different aromas and flavours of each of the cocoas. CasaLuker’s cocoa comes from: 


This region, close to the border with Ecuador, is commonly known as “the pearl of the Pacific” given its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the beauty of its landscapes. In Tumaco, cocoa is grown in tropical rainforests with ideal rainfall and temperatures all year round. This cocoa has a strong bitter flavour, combined with delicate floral, nutty and fruity notes.


This fertile land is part of a region known as the “llanos orientales” close to the border with Venezuela characterised by vast savannahs. It is rich in biodiversity, landscapes, and rivers such as the Arauca, which is an important means of transport for the region’s people. The region’s cocoa combines tangy citrus with notes of cocoa, honey, and exotic red fruits and spices, together with a delicate aroma of jasmine 


This is a mountainous region, located in the northern part of the central cordillera. It is home to tropical rainforests and a dry warm climate that enriches the aromas and flavours of the cocoa, which has been cultivated since indigenous times. This cocoa has fruity notes and light acidity that complement the intense cocoa flavour.               


The warm region of San Martín is located in the Pomabamba forest characterised for its tropical rainforests and huge diversity. Many families from the region are dedicated to cultivating cocoa, most of which is exported.

From now on, Bean to Bar producers in the US, Japanese and British markets will be able to acquire our Single Origin cocoa beans to make their own chocolate bars and other products. Previously selected and highly fermented cocoa beans will be sold in 5 Kg bags.

For more information contact:

Pilar Jimenez
Head of Risk and Commodities
CasaLuker Colombia
Tel + 4473700 Ext 40410     

In the United States:

Rick Brownstein
Tel 847 855 7400 ext 780