BakeSmart announced the release of the next generation of its bakery software to the baking industry today. This is the third major release of BakeSmart and features completely new screens, features and functions designed to help bakers quickly and accurately transact, produce and connect with their customers. This new version also provides bakers with an excellent solution as Microsoft prepares to abandon the XP platform in two months’ time.


Regarding the release, Mike Clements, owner of BakeSmart said, “This is an exciting day for us. We’ve been working on this behind the scenes for the past two years, while still developing our existing product line. We knew we wanted to reimagine how software should work inside a bakery. By incorporating industry specific knowledge we gathered working with hundreds of bakeries during the last 10 years, we believe we’ve done that with this release of BakeSmart.”


Clements further added, “As bakers migrate from outdated operating system platforms like Microsoft XP we’re ready to help them with a modern software solution that meets the needs of today’s bakeries.”


BakeSmart will be maintaining its current pricing for the launch of their new version. Any bakery can incorporate the already robust base package of BakeSmart into their day-to-day operations starting at $125 per month (plus installation fees).


BakeSmart first went on sale at RBA Marketplace 2005 in Chicago.


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