CostGuard Food Costing Software a leading provider of back-of-the-house software for the foodservice industry, announces the release of the ChefTec to CostGuard data conversion. Users can now seamlessly convert ChefTec inventory items and recipes into CostGuard. CostGuard is offering this conversion utility at no extra charge. It is now included with all CostGuard purchases.

"This interface is really driven by market demand," explains Pamela Terr, vice president of marketing. "We've always had lots of inquiries and conversions from ChefTec users; now we can fulfill the key request, which is to preserve the valuable time spent entering data."

Entering recipes is time consuming, and duplicating data entry is error prone. One solution is the ChefTec to CostGuard conversion. In addition to importing recipes and inventory items this conversion offers an option to omit items that are inactive and non-stocked, so users can simultaneously eliminate unused data.

"Other software providers are moving away from the independent and small multi-unit market," explains Matthew Starobin, who is sales VP, "but it's always been our sweet spot. This interface makes the migration as painless as possible."

CostGuard Food Costing Software delivers software for restaurant management (independent and multi-unit), retail and production kitchens, hotels and banquet halls, casinos, caterers, bakeries, delis, corporate kitchens, commissaries and institutional foodservice. Educators can also use CostGuard to deliver application based culinary and restaurant training to students.

Products include food costing, menu engineering, food and liquor costing; inventory control; nutrition; sales management; interfaces with suppliers, POS, accounting and catering systems.