New savory breads from Jenny Lee --“California Tomato Basil,” “Parmesan Garlic & Herb” and “Italian Olive Focaccia”—are now being made available throughout the Eastern half of the United States by 5 Generation Bakers, the producers of Jenny Lee Cinnamon Swirl Breads. These new lines share many of the characteristics of the company’s cinnamon swirl lines including natural formulation, natural fermentation, clean label and “crimp” shape.

“Our goal,” according to Scott Baker, president and founder of 5 Generation Bakers, “was to create products which built upon the success of our Cinnamon Swirl Breads, but would expand the serving occasions beyond (primarily) breakfast. These great products add lunch and dinner to our day-parts, effectively tripling our serving occasions.”

The new savory offerings, baked in crimp pans for a traditional, cylindrical shape, “(had to) feature natural formulations beginning with un-bromated, un-enriched flour, no chemical preservatives and no artificial flavors,” according to Scott. “Al Beccard, head baker and product developer for Jenny Lee, more than met these challenges during the more than 1 year spent developing, testing and redeveloping the lines.”

According to the company, the breads’ unique flavor profiles lend themselves to different uses. “While all are excellent as accompaniments to meals such as pasta dishes with our Parmesan Garlic & Herb bread, their use as the basis for specialty sandwiches really sets them apart.” During testing, the products were sampled and savored as sandwiches by diverse groups of people, as grilled cheese (California Tomato Basil), gourmet hamburgers (Parmesan Garlic & Herb) and mufuletta (Italian Olive Focaccia).