Baxter, a leader in the design and manufacture of premium foodservice cooking and baking equipment, announced a five-year parts and labor warranty for the heat exchanger tubes in its OV500 rotating rack and OV310 mini rotating rack gas ovens.

Unlike other extended warranties offered, there are no requirements for preventative maintenance visits as part of the warranty program. According to Jeff Austin, business unit manager for Baxter, “We want our customers to have the same level of confidence in our rack ovens that we do without increasing their overall cost of ownership”.

In addition to the standard one-year parts and labor warranty on gas ovens, Baxter is offering a warranty on the heat exchanger tubes on its OV500 single and double rotating rack ovens and the OV310 mini rotating rack oven for an additional four years from the date of original installation. The new warranty is effective immediately and applies only to new OV500 and OV310 gas ovens.

“Customers expect more from Baxter in the design and building of ovens for foodservice cooking and baking, so we developed a warranty program that exceeds industry standards for gas rotating rack ovens,” said Tom Moore, director of sales for Baxter.

Baxter’s rotating rack and mini rotating rack ovens use a gas-fired heat exchanger that delivers maximum heat transfer uniformly distributed from the top to the bottom of the oven—a crucial element in the preparation of any artisan baked good.

The even heat generated by Baxter’s heat exchanger results from its U-shaped heat exchanger tubes. Unlike welded heat exchangers, Baxter’s tubes are created through a unique bending process and assembled with a SwedgeLock design. A turbulator within each tube helps equalize gentle flames to provide an even temperature throughout.

For more information about Baxter’s new five-year warranty program, please contact Tom Moore at 480-254-3083. 

About Baxter

Since 1958, Baxter has been a leader in designing and manufacturing quality foodservice and bakery equipment worldwide. Baxter products include rotating rack ovens, revolving tray ovens, deck ovens, mini rotating rack ovens, hybrid convection ovens, proofers, proofer/retarders, ingredient bins and other baking accessories. Baxter’s offering is further enhanced by being part of ITW’s Food Equipment Group. All Baxter equipment is supported by Hobart’s national sales, service and dealer network. To learn more about Baxter, visit or connect on Facebook at