The new Turbofan E33D5 and E33T5 convection ovens from Moffat Inc. have been designed to deliver outstanding performance within a small space-boasting a five half size sheet pan capacity within a compact 24" (610mm) wide footprint. The improved bi-directional fan system for the new E33 models now comes with two fan speeds for greater heat control and improved balanced moisture management functionality providing you with perfect results in baking, roasting, cooking or regenerating.

Exclusive only to the Turbofan E33 oven is a touch screen model with icon-driven menu selection for manual and pre-programmed operating modes, the capability to transfer menus via USB so you can easily keep multiple units up to date with menu changes.

An improved bi-directional fan system, individual rack-ready interior and pre-programmability provide perfect food consistently quickly.

And we’ve also introduced a new touch controller for the 30 Series, a brilliant new feature that provides intuitive functionality and pre-programming for ongoing ease of use.