Cake decorator, Kerri Morris, owner of Somethin’ Sweet in Bellville, TX, won the public vote in each category of theCake ShowContest. As the winner of The Tiered Cake Challenge, The Quarter Sheet Cake Challenge, The Cupcake Challenge, and The Overall category, Morris will take home $2400 in cash prizes.

Morris originally competed inCake Show: Houstonthe final city visited for the competition. All of Morris’ submissions followed a circus theme. For the tiered cake, Morris created a fondant cake resembling a bucket of popcorn, along with other circus-themed treats. In addition, the quarter sheet cake was designed as a circus tent, featuring small fondant circus animals poking their heads out from inside the tent. Lastly, she made four cartoonish animal cupcakes using fondant.

Watch thisvideoto see each of the outstanding cakes Morris created for the competition.

Nine of the original 20Cake Showcontestants participated in the contest. The public voting period for the contest closed Friday, Aug. 16.

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The Baking Channel would like to proudly thank all of the contestants who participated in Cake Show as well as the show’s sponsors, Stratas Foods, DecoPac, Inc., and Lucks Food Decorating Company.