Duck Donuts has announced the debut of a new espresso icing and a returning topping, mini chocolate chips, available through April 14. The espresso icing features a rich and velvety flavor, while the mini chocolate chips topping is back for a limited time to add a taste of chocolate to any donut.

Duck Donuts encourages guests to create combinations that mimic their go-to espresso beverage orders such as:

  • Vanilla Latte – Vanilla Icing with Espresso Drizzle
  • Carmel Macchiato – Espresso Icing with Salted Carmel and Vanilla Drizzle
  • Cookies & Cream Mocha – Espresso Icing with Oreo ® Cookie Pieces and Vanilla Drizzle
  • Cappuccino – Espresso Icing with Mini Chocolate Chips
  • Coconut Mocha – Chocolate Icing with Shredded Coconut and Espresso Drizzle

Since opening its first location in 2007, Duck Donuts has grown to more than 145 locally owned and operated shops across 25 states, Puerto Rico and international locations in Bangkok, Thailand; Edmonton, Alberta; Burlington, Ontario; Doha, Qatar; Lahore, Pakistan; and Cairo, Egypt.