As consumers gravitate towards the dessert aisle, one ingredient continues to rise to the top for baked good innovations. Montmorency tart cherries, also known as sour cherries, are a beloved and iconic ingredient for sweet treats. According to a Datassential report, 75% of consumers seek out desserts created with this U.S.-grown fruit – making it the ultimate ingredient for pre-packaged baked goods.

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Grown on small family farms across the United States, Montmorency tart cherries are known for their on-trend sweet-sour taste and unique nutrient profile. Tart cherries provide the ideal multi-faceted, sweet-tart flavor ready to complement all food and beverage applications, especially sweet and savory treats.

Explore five reasons why these ruby red morsels are a favorite ingredient in the dessert category:   

1) A sought-after baking staple: This in-demand fruit is available in a variety of forms year-round – including dried, frozen, canned, juice and juice concentrate – making it ideal to create innovative items that meet the growing consumer demand. The tart trend continues as a recent Datassential report confirmed that 75% agree tart cherries would taste good across baked goods. From cookies to pie bars and decadent cakes, sour cherries are an especially red-hot ingredient across new dessert innovations.

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2) Worth the investment: When it comes to desserts, consumers are reaching for baked items most often. According to Datassential, 22% of consumers would be willing to pay more for sweets featuring tart cherries given their premium nature. As locally grown produce is associated with better quality and a lower carbon food-print compared to imported foods, Datassential reports 92% of consumers prefer a U.S. grown tart cherry – making it the ideal ingredient for all baked goods occasions.

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3) On-trend with the food scene: With consumers seeking mash-ups of familiar foods and unconventional flavor pairings, tart cherries evoke a deep sense of nostalgia associated with classic flavors. As product developers tap into the mash-up trend, tart cherries can serve as the recipe base to bring together unique flavor profiles.

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4) Seemingly endless flavor versatility: As an iconic dessert ingredient, this U.S. fruit has an appealing sour-sweet flavor that is more in demand today as consumers prefer less sweet foods. Their tart punch gives a wonderful balance to a variety of flavor pairings including vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, pistachio and more.

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5) Burst of eye-catching red to elevate desserts: Colorful ingredients evoke that sense of adventure consumers crave and tart cherries meet this demand by offering a bright ruby-red color to your next comforting dessert. The bold, bright red color of tart cherries is due to the concentration of anthocyanins, a type of polyphenol in the flavonoids family.

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Despite consumer trends constantly evolving, one constant remains in the baked goods category: that Montmorency tart cherries are the secret behind innovative and flavorful dessert innovations.

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