From increasing government regulations to a rise in consumer demand, sustainable packaging is no longer just about helping the environment. With more than 136 million U.S. consumers making up the domestic market potential for plant-based products* bakers need to consider sustainability in their packaging decisions.

Divvies is a small-batch bakery transforming specialty and mainstream bakery and grocery channels with their vegan, nut, dairy, and egg-free treats. They recently partnered with good natured Products Inc. a North American leader in earth-friendly plant-based products, to pack their baked goods in good natured® BPI certified compostable** packaging.

Divvies' products are carried in 3000+ stores across the United States, and like most bakers, they have to carefully consider a variety of factors when choosing to switch their packaging material, including the package's composition, durability, the shelf life of their products, and impact on the environment.

Made from annually renewable plant-based material and no BPAs, phthalates or other nasty stuff, good natured® bakery packaging is more than just drop-kick durable. From crystal clear lids that show off products from top to bottom to snappy sealability that's easy to stack, good natured® is all about making it easy and affordable for bakers to switch to better everyday products®.

The partnership is also a win-win between these two like-minded companies who combine their resources and expertise to have a greater environmental impact. Long-term partnerships are a core shared value between good natured® and Divvies and will help both parties reach broader markets. By 2025, nearly a third of total global sales are predicted to come from local 'ecosystems', in other words, partners working together to create solutions.***

Mark Sandler, President of Divvies, shared, "We're excited to be making the change to plant-based packaging and having good natured® support to help deliver our value proposition while also expanding our customer base and market reach. It's vital to our business to align with complementary partners who mirror our values and vision. Our relationship with good natured® helps us deliver on more of the positive health and environmental commitments we make to our customers."

good natured® CEO Paul Antoniadis commented, "Our goal is to become North America's leading earth-friendly product company through helping brands foray into earth-friendly and plant-based packaging while still delivering flavorful products to their customers. Divvies' commitment to healthier, earth-friendly eating options that are readily available aligns naturally with our focus on making it easier to switch to plant-based packaging that's better for us and better for the planet."

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* Source: Plant Based Product Council

**Compostable in commercial facilities where such facilities exist

***Source: McKinsey & Company