The drive toward ingredient transparency plays a part in this sustainable shift. Consumers are increasingly interested not only in what their food contains, but also in how it is produced.

“By communicating their commitment to sustainable sourcing and production methods on their packaging, bakeries can appeal to these environmentally conscious consumers,” explains Ashley Robertson, director, global marketing, Corbion, Lenexa, Kansas.

Robertson points out that the shift toward prepackaged bakery goods certainly presents environmental concerns, particularly regarding the increased use of packaging materials. However, this trend also provides an opportunity to promote sustainable practices within the industry.

“For one, we can expect to see an increase in the use of eco-friendly packaging materials,” Robertson explains. “These could include biodegradable or compostable materials, as well as packaging made from recycled or easily recyclable materials. These sustainable packaging options would significantly reduce the environmental footprint of prepackaged bakery goods.”

Additionally, the trend toward prepackaging might prompt companies to adopt innovative, minimalistic packaging designs that use less material overall, she adds.

Jeff Rebh, president and chief executive officer of Innoseal Systems Inc., identifies the trend toward smaller and more manageable package sizes – with an emphasis on less touch and more hygienic delivery.

The Innoseal Bag Sealing system is particularly useful to increase the safety of the food served at schools. Bag and seal your meals to decrease any risk of exposure. Simply pick up the wrapped good, give it a twist, and run it through the Innoseal for a tight and reliable seal. Innoseal’s bag closure tape and paper combination mean each sealed bag is tamper-evident, easy to open and resealable.

High-clarity takeout containers

A wide range of important developments are happening in full force within the packaging industry.

For instance, good natured Products Inc., a leader in plant-based products, has announced the arrival of its GoodToGo™ Microwavable collection, the first CMA certified compostable, high-clarity take-out containers that are heat-resistant and made with 97% plant-based materials.

With its in-house expertise in biomaterials and biomanufacturing, the company invested in GoodToGo™ Microwavable specifically to meet the requirements of single-use plastics regulations. The most popular 16-ounce and 24-ounce formats are available for purchase at, as well as on Amazon in the U.S. and Canada.

Designed with grocery and restaurant businesses in mind, the GoodToGo™ Microwavable collection combines sustainability with important features for food on the go, like stackability, leak-resistance and hot/cold applications.

Like all good natured® branded products, the GoodToGo™ collection contains no chemicals of concern, like BPAs, phthalates and phytoestrogens that are potentially harmful to human health, especially when heated.

This launch comes at an opportune time, as the White House recently announced their National Biostrategy that established a bold new goal to replace 90% of today’s petrochemical plastics with those that are biobased. This 20-year goal will see investments of $1.2 billion in bio-industrial domestic manufacturing for biotech innovators.

“We’ve developed deep expertise in manufacturing biobased materials and got ahead of the curve by investing in local North American based biomanufacturing facilities where we can manufacture our own innovations like GoodToGo™ Microwavable containers,” said Paul Antoniadis, chief executive officer of good natured. “Increased attention on food containers made from hard-to-recycle petroleum-based materials, along with the U.S. commitment to further invest in building out our industry has good natured® ideally positioned to capitalize on the wave of demand that we believe is coming.”

Reusable tote bag

Others across the fresh foods industry are taking similar steps to enhance packaging efficiency and environmental compliance.

Hilex®, a Novolex® brand, has announced new options for its popular ProWAVE® Tote, a recyclable, reusable tote bag that simplifies deliveries and carry-out for supermarkets, restaurants, retailers, and their customers. 

Customers can now choose a ProWAVE Tote that features a 2.25-mil gauge film that’s manufactured with a minimum of 40% post-consumer recycled material — attributes that allow the totes to meet most legislative requirements for reusable bags, including those in California. Customers can now opt for a ProWAVE Tote made with 1.7-mil gauge film.  

The ProWAVE tote boasts folded handles and a sturdy double-ply top, ensuring that the bag remains open for easy loading. The flat bottom design allows for efficient packing of larger grocery or retail products.  

“Our ProWAVE tote has been highly sought-after by supermarkets, restaurants and other businesses, so we’re adding new options to make it even more versatile and customer-friendly,” said Frank Lawson, vice president of sales for Novolex. “It’s a tote crafted for e-commerce, grocery and retail sales, allowing products to be loaded and transported far more easily.” 

Available in two gauges, 1.7 mil and 2.25 mil, providing options to meet various regulations and customer needs, the totes can be used for hot, cold or frozen foods. They are offered in recycled white, grey and kraft brown, with custom colors and prints available. 

Fresh take on clamshells

Better Earth Compostable Products, a leader in sustainable foodservice packaging solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its new 2 and 3 Taco Clamshells and the expansion of its team with four new hires, dedicated to helping clients achieve and surpass their sustainability objectives.

The innovative 2 and 3 Taco Clamshells are designed to provide a convenient, eco-friendly solution for enjoying on-the-go tacos. Crafted from unbleached bamboo fiber, these 100% compostable and environmentally responsible containers are free of PFAs, wax, and plastic linings, making them a superior and sustainable choice for foodservice packaging.

The freezer-safe, soak-proof design ensures tacos remain fresh and delicious during transit, while the containers compost in just 2 to 4 months in a commercial composting facility, leaving no waste or harmful residues behind.

Better Earth’s industry leading custom printing capabilities are also available to customize the branding of the new 2 and 3 taco clamshells, enabling foodservice operators, restaurants, taco trucks and everyone in-between the ability to own sustainability in their own style.

In addition to bringing innovative new products to the Better Earth portfolio, the company recently bolstered its staff new team members at Better Earth who bring valuable experience and expertise and are focused on reinforcing the circular economy through spearheading sustainability efforts throughout the supply chain.

Sustainability at its core

Sustainability is a fundamental aspect of Multivac's company strategy: With its durable machines, sustainable manufacturing processes and its own energy generation, as well as its recyclable packaging concepts and commitment to a functioning loop economy in the packaging industry, MULTIVAC makes a significant contribution to improving the eco balance - in its own company, in the sector and with its customers.

Testament to this is now also provided by certification from EcoVadis, an internationally recognized rating agency for sustainability assessments. This year Multivac was assessed for the first time by EcoVadis and awarded a silver medal. This means that Multivac, the processing and packaging specialist, is among the best 25 percent of companies analyzed by EcoVadis.

A transparent picture of the current state of its sustainability performance, as well as potential for possible improvements, are provided by the intensive inspection of the various requirements in the areas of the environment, employment and human rights, company ethics and the sustainable procurement of materials. “As an internationally operating company, we see it as our duty to treat our environment and resources as responsibly as possible,” says Alexander Hauschke, executive vice president of corporate strategy at Multivac.

Single-use options

Karat® by Lollicup™ is a fast-growing public company that specializes in providing high-quality, environmentally friendly, single-use disposable products for the restaurant and foodservice industry. The food packaging and container line includes a variety of brands such as Tea Zone, Karat, Karat Earth, and Total Clean. Innovative and on-trend products are at the heart of this brand, which was created in 2004.

Karat Earth® is a brand dedicated to environmental sustainability, offering a range of plant-based and compostable products including cups, food containers, utensils, and more. Made from renewable resources, these products are not only sturdy and reliable, but also a powerful statement of your commitment to protecting the environment.