Barry Callebaut announced on Wednesday, December 4 that in fiscal year 2018-19 it sourced 47 percent of the cocoa and 54 percent of the other ingredients it uses sustainably. This is part of a much larger goal, as the company launched Forever Chocolate in 2016 to make sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025.

“With over half of our ingredients coming from sustainable sources, we are well on track to have 100 percent sustainable chocolate by 2025. This is a great achievement and it demonstrates that sustainability is at the heart of our business strategy,” says Antoine de Saint-Affrique, CEO of the Barry Callebaut Group.

Forever Chocolate is based on four ambitious targets, to be achieved by 2025, that address the largest sustainability challenges in the chocolate supply chain:

  1. More than 500,000 cocoa farmers will have been lifted out of poverty
  2. Eradicate child labor from the supply chain
  3. Become carbon and forest positive
  4. Have 100 percent sustainable ingredients in all products

“In the past fiscal year we focused on big innovative projects that we know will create the tipping point for a sustainable chocolate supply chain. Our progress report shows that this focus is working, creating tangible impact on the ground for cocoa farmers, cocoa farming communities, and all the other players in our supply chain,” says Pablo Perversi, Chief Innovation, Sustainability and Quality Officer, Global Head of Gourmet, of Barry Callebaut.