Rich Products is expanding its portfolio of pizza doughs and crusts with an authentic, Italian-style lineup of pizza products. The company will offer a sneak peak of the new portfolio at the 2024 International Pizza Expo (booth #2381), taking place on March 19-21 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“At Rich’s, we’re always looking at how we can elevate our pizza offerings, bringing products to market that we know consumers are looking for, while making sure these products are easy for operators to execute at a store level,” says Donna Reeves-Collins, senior vice president, Pizza & Flatbread Category, Rich Products. “Last year, our team traveled to Italy to gather inspiration and expertise that would enhance our portfolio with more authentically Italian products. In Europe, we tasted some of the best pizza we’d ever had and saw the opportunity to bring some of these products and innovation to the U.S. & Canada markets.   We’re excited today to introduce several new Authentically Italian products that will help pizza operators expand their menus and drive excitement for consumers.”

Rich’s new Authentically Italian pizza portfolio features a variety of distinct products, all with roots tied to Italy. At the center of the portfolio is Rich’s Italian Pinsa. A Roman-style pizza crust with a unique dough fermentation process, Pinsa has seen a surge across Europe over the past couple years but is just beginning to gain traction here in North America. Hand-stretched and made with authentic regional ingredients imported from Italy, Rich’s new Pinsa features an irresistible aroma paired with a unique crust that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Rich’s will showcase its full Authentically Italian portfolio at the expo, which includes:

  • 7” x 11” Oval Pinsa and 12” Round Pinsa  
    • Rich’s new Pinsas are expected to be available through Dot Foods by May 6, 2024.
  • 8 oz. Pizza Dough Ball made with Double Zero ‘00’ Italian Style Flour
    • Made with finely-ground Double Zero ‘00’ style flour, just as they do in Italy, Rich’s Dough Balls are higher in moisture than traditional dough balls, making them easier for Operators to use for Neapolitan-style pizzas.
    • Rich’s Dough Balls are currently available for purchase.
  • 16” Double Zero ‘00’ Italian Style Parbaked Pizza Crust
    • Authentic Italian-inspired pizza doesn’t have to mean complicated dough handling. Rich’s parbaked crust is made with Double Zero ‘00’ style flour, delivering the taste, texture and aroma one would find in a Roman cafe, but with freezer-to-oven simplicity. Rich’s new Double Zero ‘00’ Parbaked Crusts are expected to be available through Dot Foods by May 6, 2024.

Rich’s will also be featuring its Gluten-free Detroit Style Pizza at Pizza Expo. In 2023, the company launched the first ever Gluten-Free (GF) Detroit-Style Pizza Crust.