With consumers demanding unique, personalized pizzeria experiences and kitchens trying to answer that demand while facing labor shortages, there’s a need for easy-handling products.

Rich Product hopes to answer the call for these products with its new Ready-Too-Stretch Sheeted Pizza Dough. With its customized stretching, Ready-To-Stretch dough is versatile and can be used not only for pizzas but also calzones, breadsticks, and more. The entire portfolio (including Ready-To-Stretch and Ready-To-Stretch Cauliflower) comes in two different sizes (Individual - 6”/6oz. and Large - 12”/22oz.), chefs can infuse their personalities into every pie by custom stretching it to their desired size, thickness, and shape.

“We had the research that showed the importance of crust in the hierarchy of what makes a great pizza, and used that to come up with a dough that emulates an authentic, handmade recipe in every way, but modernized it to meet the demands of today’s kitchens,” says Loraine Grimm, Senior Product Manager at Rich’s.

The growth of fast casual concepts has necessitated quick turnaround on food production. Ready-To-Stretch can go from the cooler to the oven in minutes and can even be utilized to meet unexpected surges in traffic, thawing at room temperature from frozen in 20 minutes.

“We’re letting our customers put their authenticity on display, while saying goodbye to guesswork, in order to have artisan-quality pizza on the menu,” Grimm says.