Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection Group will exhibit several of their popular inspection solutions in booth #1502 at Pack Expo East, being held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, March 18 to 20. Designed for bulk and packaged food, Mettler-Toledo’s world-class x-ray systems, metal detectors, checkweighers and vision systems help customers comply with regulations, ensure product quality and improve operational efficiencies.
 “Processors and packers invest in product inspection equipment primarily for three reasons – to protect their customers, to protect their brand and to follow industry safety standards. For example, right now many big box retailers are pressuring their suppliers to implement x-ray inspection, so manufacturers are increasingly turning to us for high-performance, cost-effective solutions like our latest x-ray system, the X12,” said Tom Koshy, sales director at Mettler-Toledo. “Given the critical nature of these inspection systems, reliability is paramount. Our data management software, remote connectivity and extensive network of skilled technicians help our customers maximize their machine uptime.”  

Mettler-Toledo’s affordable X12 x-ray system will be on exhibit at Pack Expo East. Ideal for small- and medium-sized packaged products, this powerful technology detects hard-to-find physical contaminants including glass, metal and stone. The X12 can also perform a variety of product integrity checks, such as correct product placement within a package, to further improve product quality.
Additionally, Mettler-Toledo will display their CV35 ‘combination’ system that integrates a C35 AdvancedLine checkweigher with vision inspection. Detecting and rejecting under- and overweight packages, the C35 checkweigher helps ensure legal weight requirements are met while reducing product giveaway. With the addition of vision inspection, the CV35 combo system also offers a variety of label inspection capabilities, including verification that the weight printed on each label matches the weight of each product.
Also present at the show will be the M31R metal detector. Suitable for bulk and packaged products that are either wet or dry, this entry-level model features Mettler-Toledo’s sophisticated SENSE™ software, which utilizes advanced algorithms to deliver increased detection sensitivity with minimal false rejects.
Mettler-Toledo’s ProdX™ software, available on virtually all Mettler-Toledo inspection systems, will be showcased at Pack Expo East. By allowing customers to monitor their inspection equipment remotely and easily collect, save, search and share data, ProdX helps protect product safety and improve production efficiencies while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.