Absolutely incredible! That's the response from early viewers of six new videos on FunctionalEgg.org, a new website created by the American Egg Board. The site was designed to answer questions and provide free educational information for viewers about the unique and multiple functional properties of egg products.

The first six videos cover such topics as "Controlling Crystallization," to help manage crystal formation in ice cream and other frozen foods, or "Coagulation in Refrigerated Desserts," utilizing egg products to create gels. The primary narrator is Shelly McKee, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Poultry Science at Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama.

"I was quite excited to work with the American Egg Board on this project," says McKee. "A visual presentation of this caliber is like watching a technical paper come to life, with all the practical application information a formulator could wish in a condensed form."

In addition to the videos, a series of quizzes enables food technologists to earn a certificate for Continuing Education, and a personal record log helps viewers keep track of their progress through the series. Extra features include a FAQ section and a conversion table for the various egg products available, liquid, solid (dried powders) or shell. Although the site went live just this month, six more videos are on their way. Egg products provide more than 20 functional properties for a diverse array of food products and categories. For more information about incredible egg ingredients or sources for egg products, visit http://www.aeb.org  or call 877-488-6143.