Make sure to check out the Baking Channel's exclusive video coverage of the recent International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) show.

Each video clip takes you into the heart of innovation, narrated by the experts in their fields. Get "live" tours of the latest ingredient and equipment introductions; and understand the distinctions that set these companies apart.

Go to the home page of and click on the section “Watch IBIE Show Highlights.” Then click on the IBIE Videos link to learn the latest innovations from IBIE.

Watch video from than a dozen exhibitors at the IBIE show, and learn the latest innovations in new products and equipment.

Also featured on the Baking Channel’s IBIE videos, Robb Mackie, President of American Bakers Association, and Richard Hoskins, IBIE Chairman, discuss a successful IBIE show and a strengthening baking industry.