Insomnia Cookies has announced that several of its fan-favorite cookies now come in bite-sized form. The late-night bakery chain’s Classic with M&M's, Double Chocolate Chunk and Snickerdoodle cookies can now be enjoyed as Lil’ Dippers or in their own Mini-Pack.

The following are available in-store and for local delivery until March 11 or until supplies last:

  • Mini Classic with M&M's
  • Mini Double Chocolate Chunk
  • Mini Snickerdoodle
  • Mini-Pack – Start with 12 Minis, picking in increments of 3 from the 4 available flavors, and add to it in groups of 3 cookies until you reach the max of 24.
    • Mini Chocolate Chunk cookies are also available to be combined into a Mini-Pack.

Insomnia Cookies recently partnered with upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH to deliver sweet treats in celebration of the game’s worldwide release on February 29. Available through March 10, the exclusive collection highlights main protagonist Cloud Strife featured on the Big and Lil’ Dippers, as well as popular characters Tifa Lockhart, Aerith Gainsborough, Barret Wallace and Red XIII on the fan-favorite 12-pack served in limited-edition FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH box sleeves.