Ann Clark, a leading cookie cutter and baking supplies manufacturer, has announced an extension of its products with its new gourmet cake mix and frosting kits. With four variations, customers can enjoy the convenience of no-hassle recipes and gourmet bakery quality.

The new mixes are made with quality ingredients, including unbleached artisan flour, malted barley flour, pure cane sugar, buttermilk powder, natural vanilla and vanillin and top-quality Dutch-process cocoa, to achieve a tender baking consistency paired with smooth frosting. Each kit only requires eggs, vegetable oil and milk. 

“As a baking supply company, we eat a lot of cake here at Ann Clark,” says Ben Clark, Ann Clark’s chief executive officer. “When evaluating different cake mixes on the market, we were dissatisfied, and saw the opportunity to make something better: Truly gourmet cakes that taste delicious without compromising quality or convenience. We spared no expense or effort when crafting our cake recipes, and we’re really proud of the results.”

Each Ann Clark Gourmet Cake & Frosting Mix package makes one 8-inch two-layer cake as well as a spreadable frosting mix. Inside each box, customers will find clear instructions on how to bake, assemble, and decorate the cake. Ann Clark offers four varieties:

  • Gourmet Yellow Cake Mix with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting
  • Gourmet Chocolate Cake Mix with Chocolate Mousse Frosting
  • Gourmet Yellow Cake Mix with Chocolate Mousse Frosting
  • Gourmet Chocolate Cake Mix with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

The test kitchen team at Ann Clark set out to create a line of gourmet cake mixes that can be proudly served for even the most special occasions. They were developed at the test kitchen in Rutland, Vermont, and food production facility in New York State.

The mixes are available for sale on Amazon, at a number of specialty grocery and gift shops nationwide, and Ann Clark’s website.