One of the most visually striking snacks is mochi donuts. This hybrid between American doughnuts and Japanese mochi is shaped into eight small balls connected into a circle that is easy to pull apart and resembles a bracelet. Aside from this unique shape, mochi donuts can be decorated with countless combinations of colorful glazes and toppings, making them particularly popular on Tik Tok and Instagram.

“Mochi donuts are trending online because they are incredibly fun to look at. Before even biting into it, consumers can't help but snap and post a picture of their mochi donut. There is something so delightful about them,” says Tammy Liu, vice president of Texture Maker.

To meet the increasing consumer demand for vegan products, Texture Maker has launched a vegan version of its mochi donut mix. The company wanted to create a vegan product that did not compromise on taste or mouthfeel to meet high-quality standards.

A mochi donut is lightly crispy on the outside and fluffy and chewy on the inside. The goal behind this launch was to satisfy the demand for plant-based treats while maintaining the iconic bouncy texture of mochi donuts. To do so, Texture Maker’s food scientists used the stretching properties of soy protein combined with the high water absorption and structural support capabilities of natural rice flour.

With the Vegan Mochi Donut Mix, Texture Maker also aims to provide greater value to customers. It allows bakers to make delicious vegan donuts by simply adding vegetable oil and water to the mix. This simplifies the preparation process for more efficiency and helps customers to save on raw material costs.

“For us, this is the continuation of a journey on the better-for-you segment. We are currently experimenting with new innovative ingredients and developing new plant-based and gluten-free options,” says Liu.