EQUII, a food technology startup focusing on high complete protein and low carb bread, has announced a partnership with Bridor, a North American leader in high-quality bakery products, to bring the next generation of baked goods with higher protein and improved nutrition to the North American artisanal bakery category. Utilizing their respective cutting-edge fermentation technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, the two aim to cater to changing consumer preferences and dietary trends by creating health-forward protein breads and a variety of indulgent bakery products.

Starting in Spring 2024, breads featuring EQUII’s Complete Protein Blend will be available to Bridor’s broad spectrum of tens of thousands of foodservice industry clients across North America, which include hotel groups, restaurants, bars, c-stores, in store bakeries, retailers, coffee shops, airlines, cruise lines, retirement homes, hospitals, army base, schools and more. The initial launch focuses on three key products that Bridor will develop and bake using EQUII’s blend, which include artisanal dinner rolls (40g), ciabatta sandwich carriers (105g) and bread loaves (500g).

“We are proud to dive into this new collaboration, which merges the best of three worlds: nutrition science, traditional bakery, and industrial excellence. And we believe that innovation is a true mix of passion and vision that Sebastien Canonne and Baljit Ghotra together with Equii and Bridor teams made possible,” says Eric de Saint Lager, chief executive officer of Bridor North America.

“Bridor has always deployed tremendous efforts in bringing healthier food for the pleasure of our taste buds, in the full inspiration of traditional bakery, and that’s why we believe so much in the future of our Equii-inside new creations like the ones put on market today,” says Claudine Laberge, vice president of research and development of Bridor North America.

In addition, EQUII brings research and development expertise to optimize product development and quality at Bridor’s manufacturing facilities. The collaboration will also extend to include some of EQUII’s other food service product offerings in the sliced bread category to Bridor’s catalog, such as its thin slice bread in Classic Wheat and Multi-Grain varieties.

“My goal is to make the healthiest and tastiest food product innovations available to all. Nutritious has to be delicious,” says EQUII co-founder Chef Sebastién Canonne. “Mission accomplished with Bridor’s EQUII bread line, the perfect cross of nutritional science and enjoyable chef-crafted food products.”

Through the partnership, EQUII and Bridor look to make sustainable nutrition more accessible through promoting complete protein and plant-based alternatives in the market.

“I believe that true innovation flourishes at the intersection of passion, expertise and collaboration. Our partnership with Bridor is a testament to our shared commitment to reshape the future of bakery, where health and sustainability seamlessly blend with delicious taste,” says EQUII co-founder Baljit Ghotra. “Together, we knead the dough of innovation, crafting a recipe for success that will nourish not only our bodies but also our planet. This partnership is our rising loaf of promise to consumers seeking a healthier, more sustainable, and delectable tomorrow.”

“Our partnership with Bridor is a significant step forward in our journey of delivering delicious nutrition in our daily lives, through foods we buy in supermarkets and beyond, and that we enjoy with our families,” says EQUII co-founder Monica Bhatia.