In the RBA Member Spotlight series, we'll be profiling valued members of the Retail Bakers of America community.

This week, we're looking at PattiCakes Bakery in Conway, Arkansas. Owner Patti Stobaugh is the former RBA board president and current treasurer. PattiCakes Bakery opened in 2006 with a mission to make great food that was reminiscent of a visit to Grandma’s house. Since then, thousands have walked through the door and enjoyed something homemade.

Get to know Patti Stobaugh and PattiCakes Bakery more below.

How many years have you been in business?

PattiCakes Bakery: 18.

What made you want to get into the baking industry/why are you passionate about baking?

A childhood dream that came from baking with my German Grandma. She taught me just about everything I know.

What are your top-selling products/what product do you consider to be your specialty?

Possum Pie: A layered pie in a pastry crust - from the bottom up, sweetened cream cheese, chopped pecans, vanilla pie filling, chocolate pie filling, whipped cream and pecans.

Cookies: Cranberry, white chocolate & pecan.

What do you see trending in the industry?

Assortments of small bites. No need to commit to only one dessert anymore!

How has your RBA membership made a difference in your business?

By associating my bakery with other like minded industry people, we have been able to take a hard look at best practices. Also, I have adopted some great product ideas from other bakeries.

What have you learned from customers over the years?

Courtesy from our team to our customers goes a long way.

What are your plans for the bakery in the coming years (expansion, digital, new offerings, etc.)?

Right now I do not know. We suffered a total fire loss at our production facility on 1/15/2024.

What do you look for when hiring staff?

Hire for attitude and train for skill.

What would you have done differently in starting your business/what do you wish you could tell your past self when starting your business?

Not a thing. I believe I needed every hiccup, speed bump, train wreck to happen in order to grow.

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