Global food and drink trends are in a constant state of evolution, shaped by shifting consumer lifestyles, diverse health requirements, economic factors, and the hope for a more sustainable future. Despite the current inflationary environment, more than three quarters of consumers are excited about new food and beverage trends in 2024.

After keeping a keep a close eye on the newest product releases, market intelligence reports, data sources, and social media buzz, Flavorchem, a global flavor and ingredient supplier, has released their 5th annual Flavor & Trend Forecast. Here is a sneak peek into their thoughtfully crafted insights, designed to empower brands in innovating and launching exceptional products.

Plant Powered: The next wave of plant-based innovation will extend beyond conventional alternatives, incorporating novel ingredients, formats, and functionality. Rising ingredients such as buckwheat, fungi, hemp, and seaweed will further emerge in new plant-based launches while vegetables are reclaiming the spotlight as more consumers explore vegan alternatives and opt for cleaner labels.

Sophisticated Sips: Mixologists will push boundaries in the adult beverage space as premium trends point to cross-over creations that deliver elevated sensory experiences. Classic drink categories are becoming increasingly blurred by the emergence of wine cocktails, dessert drinks, hard kombucha, tea and soda. From Olive Oil Martinis and Spiked Iced Coffees to flavorful Latin libations, brands are reimagining beverages that cater to the demand for variety and fun.

Her Wellness: Food and drink brands are strengthening emphasis on products designed to support the evolution of women’s health needs across different life stages. We’re seeing an influx of condition-specific products formulated to support fertility, menstrual, and menopausal health that were previously considered taboo. Brands are debuting mocha-flavored prenatal protein powder, along with cranberry-flavored PMS gummies and blackberry orange menopause tea for symptom relief.