Las Vegas-based Pinkbox Doughnuts has created nearly two dozen specialty doughnuts to celebrate winter and the Hanukkah and Christmas holidays. The doughnuts are available for online purchase and in shops now.

“Pinkbox Doughnuts make the perfect gift this holiday season because they put a smile on everyone’s face,” says Judith Perez Siegel, representative of Pinkbox Doughnuts. “They are also great treats for holiday parties and family gatherings. With so many varieties to choose from, there is a delicious flavor and unique design for everybody. From delectable doughnuts to fun fan gear, there is something for everyone this holiday season at Pinkbox Doughnuts.”

Available through December 25, Pinkbox Doughnuts Christmas treats include:

  • Holiday Pee Weez – Glazed vanilla cake with holiday sprinkles 
  • Christmas Ring – Chocolate frosted raised ring topped with holiday sprinkles 
  • Holiday Blackjack – Chocolate frosted raised shell filled with cookies ‘n cream whip, topped with Oreo crumble and holiday frosting décor 
  • Pink Santa – Glazed pink velvet cake topped with a cream cheese buttercream wreath and sprinkled with crushed candy cane 
  • Ginger Snaps – Glazed gingerbread cake topped with cream cheese buttercream wreath and holiday sprinkles 
  • It's Ya Birthday – White frosted raised shell filled with birthday cake whip and topped with blonde Oreo and party décor 
  • Santa Face –  White frosted raised shell topped with Santa décor 
  • Candy Cane Cheesecake – Red frosted raised shell filled with candy cane cheesecake and topped with white swirl décor and holiday sprinkles 
  • The Grinch – Green frosted raised shell filled with chocolate whip and topped with Grinch décor 
  • Gingy – Maple frosted raised gingerbread man topped with gingerbread man décor 
  • Peppermint Swirl DoughCro – Chocolate frosted croissant doughnut topped with white whip, candy cane, and sprinkled with peppermint candy 
  • Reindeer Pooh – Glazed vanilla cake topped with vanilla buttercream and covered in maple icing with reindeer décor 
  • Christmas Tree – Chocolate cake topped with chocolate buttercream, covered with green icing and rainbow sprinkles 
  • Snowman Pooh – Vegan glazed vanilla cake with candy cane vegan buttercream, covered in white icing and dressed up like a snowman 
  • Holiday Pinky – Glazed vanilla cake topped with vanilla buttercream, covered in pink icing with candy décor and a candy cane 
  • Holiday Present – Chocolate frosted vegan shell filled with chocolate vegan buttercream and topped with present décor

Available through December 17, Pinkbox Doughnuts Hanukkah doughnuts include:

  • Hanukkah Pee Weez – Glazed vanilla cake with Hanukkah sprinkles 
  • Hanukkah Ring – White frosted vanilla cake topped with Hanukkah sprinkles 
  • Hanukkah Jellies – Raised shell rolled in powdered sugar and filled with house-made raspberry jelly 
  • Star of David – White frosted raised Star of David topped with blue sprinkles

The doughnut of the month in December is Santa’s Surprise, a white frosted raised shell with a white chocolate bottom filled with candy cane whip and white chocolate chips, topped with crushed candy cane and white chocolate chips, and drizzled with chocolate.